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Cultural Experiences
010 A Front Street
Box 471 Alert Bay BC
Canada V0N 1A0

Tel: +1 250 974-2484

Winter hours
Sept 1 to May 20
Noon to 5 PM

Spring hours
May 21 to June 30
Noon to 6 PM

Summer hours
July 1 to Aug 30
Open every day
9:30 AM to 6 PM
of Style
Barb Cranmer
Ocean Pearls fine crafted
Andrea Cranmer
traditional clothing
Native American
Contemporary street
fashion skirts, dresses and
leggings, Tees, Hoodies,
New jewellery:
K'odi Nelson
carved mother of pearl

Pam Baker
Copper knot jewellery

Stephen Bruce
Hammered copper
Best coffee in the 'Bay
We serve espresso coffee,
lattes, americanos,
caapuccino, carmel
macchiato and fruit
smoothies. The best in the
Aboriginal Tourism BC
2009 award for cultural

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March 15 2015
News and Events
About Us

Namnasolaga (Andrea Cranmer) designs our Elements of Style
clothing and accessories. Andrea incorporates Northwest coast design
elements including eagle wings, healing hands, and the unique
traditional "split-U" forms.

In the community, she teaches the Kwak'wala language and culture
through songs, dance and stories. Andrea's knowledge of traditional
protocol and her experience of conducting potlatches, cultural events
and talent of legend and storytelling present insight into the 'Namgis
culture. Andrea is also a cultural educator for youth and adults and
Psychology of Vision Advanced Trainer.

Andrea also coordinates the T'sasala Cultural Group which works to
keep the culture alive. Experience centuries old traditional dances and
songs with the Cultural Group in the Big House in Alert Bay.

Lakwalogwa (Barb Cranmer) creates Ocean Jewels, our line of
jewellery fashioned from mother of pearl, abalone shell and glass

Barb is also an award-winning writer, director and documentary
producer. Drop by the gallery to watch:

I'tusto "To Rise Again" chronicles the re-building of the
ceremonial Bighouse in Alert Bay. Barb focuses on the ongoing
cultural significance of bighouses to the Kwakwaka'wakw peoples.

T'lina "The Rendering of Wealth" documents the traditional
eulachon (or "oolichan") fishery on the British Columbia coast and
its cultural and economic significance to the Kwakwaka'wakw

Qatuwas "People Gathering Together", show cases the rebirth of
the Northwest Coast canoe culture.

Gwishalaayt "The Spirit Wraps Around" featuring the art form of
Chilkat weaving told by six First Nations weavers from coastal
British Columbia, Alaska and the Yukon.

Laxwesa Wa "Strength of the River" documents the native fishery
on the British Columbia Coast.

Nalaga (Donna Cranmer) was given the gift of working with her
hands.  Learning the art of her grandmothers, Donna carries on the
tradition of gathering, preparing, and weaving cedar into traditional
regalia and baskets, and into contemporary wearable cedar fashions.
The stylized face in the Culture Shock logo was inspired by a petroglyph (rock carving) at the Gwa'ni River. Our logo defines who we are by connecting our vision for the Culture Shock Gallery with our roots.